Medicaid planning attorneys create strategies for their clients to help them pay the ever rising costs associated with long-term care.  This allows clients to protect their assets and leaves them with something to pass onto their heirs.
Medicaid-planning is an important first step when entering into the long-term case system.  An attorney can help you navigate the system and avoid the pitfalls and problems related to long-term care and incapacity planning.

Medicaid is not just for the poor or impoverished. Middle class or upper-middle class people who have saved their entire lives for retirement, only to be shocked and dismayed at the incredibly high cost of long-term care can benefit from Medicaid planning. Proper planning can not only help people afford these services, but a local attorney can direct clients to community resources to make their lives better.
Medicaid Planning provides families peace of mind in a time of medical and many times financial crisis.  Medicaid planning provides people access resources that help them afford and buy the care that they want from the medical providers that they desire.  It can ensure dignity and preserve independence in the face of incapacity, while safeguarding family savings and assets for the next generation.

Melissa O’Connor, P.A. can guide you through this process, whether you qualify now or need to plan to qualify in the future.  Our experience will help you navigate the complex standards and put a plan in place.   

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